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Paige Champagne is widely recognized as a prominent network marketing leader, digital content creator, and passionate mental wellness advocate. Born and raised in New Orleans, Champagne is a Louisiana State University graduate who excelled academically. After graduating, she spent over two decades successfully running two family-owned businesses. In search of new opportunities, the New Orleans native kick-started her network marketing career with Amare Global, based in Orange County, California. Amare Global aims to create a holistic mental wellness platform through people, products, and programs. Thanks to her dedication and hard work, Champagne has quickly become a top earner at Amare.

As a network marketing leader, she focuses on community, connections, empowerment, happiness, and individual support. A vocal mental wellness advocate, she uses her platform to promote mental health awareness and encourage others to love and believe in themselves. Champagne is also known for her humanitarian side, and she supports several charitable organizations, particularly those focused on animal welfare. Beyond her busy professional life, her interests include healthy eating, reading, and travel. As a network marketer for Amare Globa, she handles various responsibilities, from advertising, customer service, relationship building, and training to promotions, presentations, and sales. Her rapid rise to the top of her network marketing career is a testament to her dedication, work ethic, and commitment to excellence.

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June 8, 2023

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May 17, 2023

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